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tenjilover's Journal

*Second Soda This Hour*
Hallo!~ It's me! Tenjilover!!~ I'm everywhere! LOL Well... Tenji= TentenxNeji (Everyone takes the NejixTenten names so ya whatever... Tenji. The end.) So I'm not just a Narutard. I love Black Cat, +Anima, and other manga but I'm spacing out right now. lol

Oi! I'm 14 now!~ Isn't that fun?!~ LOl!
EDIT: I'm 15 now. >:| And I still don't get this site. OTL
EDIT: I'm 16 now. I'm getting the hang of this site somewhat.
OH COOL! I figured out why I got so many post things from the hetalia community on my friends page thingy. Got it. =3= I fixed it. <3

EDIT: I wanted so badly for someone to sing to me while I was 16. :C Well...I wanted them to sing, "You are 16 going on seventeen~ Fellows will fall in line~ Eager young lads~ And grueways and cads~ Will offer you fruit and wine~"
But then I realized just now...no one would sing that to me... ever.
Well...some dude that was trying to sell me something asked for my age I guess... And I told him I was 16, and he replied with, "Oh...well 16 going on seventeen right? Any way, I thought you were 18 or older so never mind I guess."
I guess I'll have to go with that. It was close...
The Sound of Music is my favorite musical you see, so I always kind of... yeah. Whatever.
WAIT NO! I know what I'll do! When I turn 17, I'll sing it to little 16 year olds~ Yay~~ -creep-

EDIT: 17 now. I'm so happy with my life. <3 owo
EDIT: And 18. Uhm...I just... I'm just here.