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My Eurovision Stuff 2011

Jul. 21st, 2011 | 12:00 am

Finally!~ I've had it done for a while, but I've just...been so busy with nothing.

I'm a bit late and started watching at Georgia. I'm about to go back to finish the rest.

Poland- Jestem by Magdalena Tul. Did not rank in final. This was okay. <3 It think it would have been better received if it was a little faster paced. The reason why a lot of these songs don't make it far is because they're pop songs that are better listened to when you're heading to some place in your car. For Eurovision, you need something semi-deep and cool to listen to outside of your car. This was car material, but not really stage material. I like it a lot though. <3

Norway- Haba Haba by Stella Mwangi. Did not rank in final. Aww this was so cute! Why didn't this make it to the grand?! Very festive and cute! She was off a bit sometimes, but it was still really cute! I think the kind of dull parts killed it for some people. I still like it though!~ Reminds me of that Waka waka song. (The FIFA one.) I think this song might have needed an upbeat break instead of a repetitive one. One that sounded a little different than the song.

Albania- Feel the Passion by Aurela Gaçe. Did not rank in final. Dude this song is cool as hell! Iffy at some parts, but really cool! The beat is really awesome! It's not a car song, so maybe people don't like songs strictly for stage either. It was an excellent performance! WHAT'S WRONG WITH EUROPE?! Compared to Greece, this was gold! The transitions might have confused people into not liking the song but wtf, this was awesome! Cool lyrics also!

Armenia- Boom Boom by Emmy. Did not rank in finals. Boom boom chaka chaka~~ Since I rp Turkey, I shouldn't be saying this, but this song was really catchy. XD Voice was a little annoying but it kind of got better. The beginning was just eh. When it got to the boom boom chaka chaka part, I was like, "This is a fun song." I think the music needs to be more intense at certain parts. It would get people to dance which would lead to a better reception. Boomchakalaka! :U Nice song.

Turkey- Live it up by Yüksek Sadakat. Did not rank in final. Lol, Turkey's is after Armenia's to show that they're better maybe? XD So competitive! They probably didn't make it because of the contortionist. XD Or maybe because BALD. I like the song though. owo Along with Poland, this is more of a car material song...but not. It's not an awesome stage song is all. Too slow for the stage of Eurovision I suppose I should say. I LIKE HOW THEY MOSTLY WENT FOR GREEN! <3 Those outfits! Really. Car song. It even says, "Here's your favorite song on the radio." It's a car song, it is not a stage song, it just isn't. I love the line, "Life is beautiful," mostly because that's such a phrase I like to go by. Hate? What is that?!

Serbia- Čaroban by Nina. Ranked 14th. Damn good song so far! This is so cute and pretty! I want to use this song for something! <3 70's-ish? This may be the best song all day! It's a car song, an at home by yourself song, and a dance song. it's sooo perfect my gooosh! <3 I stumbled across the English version just now. DO YOU REALIZE this singer risked singing in her native language (which not many do) while she had an English version which was also good! I like the Serbian version better really. XD This song is amazing. ;A;; I may not connect with it much, but it's still amazing!

Russia- Get You by Alexej Vorobjov. Ranked 16th. Put my mind in the dirty zone??? What the heck?! The lyrics are creepy and just no. I'm actually laughing at this entry. XD;; YOU LOOK SO GOOD ON THE FLOOR. I really think this song is a joke... but I don't think it is. Something tells me it isn't a joke. :c I dislike how he randomly "YEAH"'s. It's like, cut it out. =A= Lol, "Just scream!" *no one screams* HOW DID THIS MAKE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND UGH!

Switzerland- In Love For A While by Anna Rossinelli. Ranked 25th. I dunno. The lyrics are really cute...kind of really GENERIC so that anyone in love could somehow apply it to themselves or their own relationship. It's just eh. It's cute. There. I like the background pictures. :U IDK what type of song this is. Sunday drive car song? IDK. The song got stuck in my head. I suppose it’s okay enough then. XD

Georgia- One More Day by Eldrine. Ranked 9th. Dear God. It doesn't sound all that good, but the lyrics are actually pretty cool. Her voice isn't very good, so you have to read the lyrics to see wtf she's saying. What she's saying is cool. It really is. It sounds cool after you know. I like her dress. The rap is baw. Let's pretend the rap isn't there, and let's pretend the girl's voice is good. After that, you have a really cool song. owo;;

Finland- Da Da Dam by Paradise Oskar. Ranked 21st. Really pretty song. The message is pretty too. <3 My gosh this song is making me cry a little. ;w;; Like seriously? I cried when I heard last Ukraine's entry last year also. Sweet People. It's the same message kind of, just this was a more cheerful song to express it in.

Malta- One Life by Glen Vella. Did not rank in final. T-T-TOUCH ME YOU DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEEL FFFF Not a very good song. It's cute in a weird way though. XD It was cool in Malta, lol. THOSE DANCERS! XDDD

San Marino- Stand By by Senit. Did not rank in final. Welcome back to Eurovision San Marino. Things aren't how they were in 2008. You really have to bring it. :/ Pretty singer though!~ Natural high is a pretty phrase to use in a song. <3

Croatia- Celebrate by Daria. Did not rank in final. Oooo guy with hat. <3 Sexy keyboardist! Song started off as no, song ended as a no. Cool clothes change trick. :U SHINE LIKE A COMET! Eh song.

Iceland- Coming Home by Sjonni's Friends. Ranked 20th. Oh oh ohhh it's time to gooo! No. Good Thurdsday song. WHOA WHO IS THAT CREEPER?! Kinda cool beat... I like the song actually. I do.

Hungary- What About My Dreams? By Kati Wolf. Ranked 22nd. Okay song. Better than some. Nice song really.

Portugal- Luta É Alegria by Homens Da Luta. Did not rank in final. I have high expectations for Portugal since their last two entries were really pretty. This should...be...good...why isn't this good? Oh my gosh wtf is this?!?! WHY DO THE ENTRIES SUCK THIS YEAR?! WTF IS THIS?!?! Actually catchy.

Lithuania- C’est Ma Vie by Evelina Sašenko. Ranked 19th. She looks like the actress who played the mean sister in Blades of Glory. Sign language. Awesome. But um...there's a lot of depressing notes in this song which should have been replaced. The song is okay though.

Azerbaijan- Running Scared by Ell/Nikki. Won the contest. Eh. Song is just eh. SO EH HOW DID THIS WIN OVER FREAKING-- UGGGGHHH! Azer needs to run scared away from this competition. :/ (Note I wrote that before they won.) Well it’s been weeks after the contest and this song won. It’s still an ‘eh’ song. I forgot what it sounded like really…um…? I had Turkey cheering for Azer actually. <3 It was fun.

Greece- Watch My Dance by Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike. Ranked 7th. Um...this song was kind of sort of not very good at all. It's...okay. The rap just throws me off A LOT.

I started watching in the middle of Sweden's entry. I'm going back to watch the first ones now.

Bosnia/Herzegovina- Love in Rewind by Dino Merlin. Ranked 6th. Oh my gosh, an angel's voice! (The girl's voice.) Dude, this song is catchy and really awesome actually! I wouldn't have even thought! Oh man, I need to see these lyrics. They seem really deep. This is cute in a way too! Looked at the lyrics. Not so bad. I like the lyrics actually! Seems deep but aren’t really. XD Still a good song! Glad it made it through! It's like a traditional song...but not! It's really awesome in my opinion. XD Maybe not the best but whatever! I like it at least. It’s waaaaay better than some of the entries this year.

Austria- The Secret is Love by Nadine Beiler. Ranked 18th. I love the a capella at first! Wow her voice is wonderful! Austria obviously chose this entry seriously for once in a long time. Wonderful comeback. A love song, the lyrics are whatever, but hey whatever! This is really pretty! Her voice is so majestic! I like this! I really do! <3 Wow like...really awesome! Not the best but hey it's still really nice! Glad this made it through too! (Okay, I was harassing a Germany rper about how Austria would be awesome even though I hadn't heard the song yet.) I turned out to be right. :U Very emotional. She put her emotions in her singing which is cool. Like seriously. I didn't think anyone sang with that much soul in Austria! O:

The Netherlands- Never Alone by 3JS. Did not rank in final. Never alone eh? -is alone- Oh my gosh, I loved the ending. XD It's not a bad song, but it's really not that special. :/ It's kind of cute though. It's still kind of eh. Being there for someone...hm...been done by a greater singer who's born on the same day as me. :U Still, okay song. Actually, this song would be REALLY cool and inspirational if it didn't say "I'll" or "I will". I DON'T WANT TO DO ANY OF THIS WITH YOU! I DON'T NEED YOU TO MAKE MY IMAGINATION COME ALIVE GO AWAY! This could have been something good, but they made this song as if the listener is supposed to depend on the guy. I don't want to depend on a guy I don't even know!! D:

Belgium- With Love Baby by Witloof Bay. Did not rank in final. Damn this sounds cool as hell! Is this really a capella?! This is just too cool! Wait this didn't get through?!?! Damn this is so cash! Do it with love. :U You have to remember, I really like old sounding songs, and this gives off that old vibe. <3 PLEASE TELL ME THIS MADE IT!!! Europeans don't know what this is all about! This is sooo freaking tight! UGGGH WTF EUROPE YOU'RE BROKEN! Maybe I'm the only person who likes songs like this. Dude, I even DISLIKE Belgium and I like this song! (I didn't like what they did in the Congo, but the past is the past so it's a hidden dislike that I should throw out.) It's difficult to do something like this, and I applaud them! My GOSH this is cool!

Slovakia- I’m Still Alive by TWiiNS. Did not rank in Final. I loved Slovakia's entry last year but... I don't like this. One of the twins don't even have rhythm. :/ It's not a horrible song of course. It's just eh. Nothing special. Songs about you being ready for something don't work well in Eurovision as I've seen. Well sometimes. They usually don't win though. This was kind of not Eurotrash but eh. Cute, but eh. Actually, this sounds like one of those inspirational 90s songs that people forgot about. I feel like having chocolate. Whoops what? The song just seems a little above generic. I'm a little disappointed. Still an okay song.

Ukraine- Angel by Mika Newton. Ranked 4th. Sand art in the back! I love sand art! It's soooo cool! Alas, sand art does not make a song. Okay song. The lyrics are eh, the song is okay. I dunno. It just seems that this song is sang too emotionally for such blah lyrics. Flying, falling down... it COULD be deep, but it's not deep enough to me. Just add more of a crushing aspect maybe? Not so hard. Eh about this making it through. No opinion.

Moldova- So Lucky by Zdob și Zdub. Ranked 12th. THOSE HATS. AUTO WIN. This song is interesting. There was an awesome pace change! This is pretty awesome like seriously! I adore the instruments! WHERE'S JIMMY JUMP WHEN YOU NEED HIM? The makeup of this song is so interesting! Soooo interesting! I didn't expect this from Moldova in all honesty. The song is just full of surprises. The lyrics are whatever but the instruments!! I love the instruments SO MUCH! My gosh! Glad this made it through.

Sweden- Popular by Eric Saade. Ranked 3rd. I WILL BE POPULAR :UU Catchy sort of. Really repetitive. The lyrics are horrid. BE POPULAR! GET GIRL! :U This song reminds me of a song from Chicago. They had it coming. That one. When he says, "My body wants you girl" I thought he was saying, "Nobody wants you here" or "Nobody wants you girl". Too repetitive. Look at how many times popular is said. But hey, fine. Still okay. It could grow on me, I'm not going to lie. FFFF I'm already singing it! Crap! XD Sweden vs. Finland? Finland. This is still catchy. Dang it.

Cyprus- San Aggelos S’Agapisa by Christos Mylordos. Did not rank in final. This song is supposed to be in harmony in the beginning, but it ISN'T. Shouting girl with wasp ball mace throws it off. This song seems like it's supposed to be traditional or something...but it really isn't all that good. I don't know what Cyprus was thinking sending in that entry in all honesty. For this competition, it's a no. For outside of the competition, I'm sure someone would like it. The people were very “leany”. XDD NO THAT'S NOT A PACE CHANGE-- okay it is but that's just doing it wrong! It's the SAME tone of voice with a change in instrumental SORT OF! The girl shouting was NOT a pace change! She just signaled a not very well done pace change!

Bulgaria- Na Inat by Poli Genova. Did not rank in final. ...Some parts of this song I like, such as the tone increase at certain times. The guitar part is nice...sort of standard though. It need more. The song needs more. The whole performance needs more. That's just how it is. Bulgaria should have stepped it up from last year, and they didn't. :/ Okay, maybe they did a little. Very little, but they tried. Actually, this is kinda catchy. Not bad I suppose. (In all honesty, I forgot how this song sounds.)

FYR Macedonia- Rusinka by Vlatko Ilievski. Did not rank in final. Dunno what they're saying but it sounds cool. o3o The song sounds kinda cool actually. BUT! The really needed to have more of a change in the music other than an intermission with the same pace. Europe might like it. Europe doesn't like change. :U It was a kind of fun song I suppose.

Israel- Ding Dong by Dana International. Did not rank in final. Ah, I expect big things from Israel! They're entry last year was wonderful! <3 We'll see how this year is after this basketball stuff. owo *sits patiently* ... owo... Still waiting... Oh a woman! ...owo... Her voice kind of annoys me, but okay whatever. This will probably... um... I hope it doesn't keep this pace. It's...it's...it really looks like it's keeping the pace. Ugh... typical Eurotrash song. I don't like it.

Slovenia- No One by Maja Keuc. Ranked 13th. I like the changes in pitch. I really do. I really hope it doesn't keep this pace though. This song is okay. Not much change in pace, but it's okay. I enjoy the chorus a lot. Round and round and round. It’s one of those songs that are like…saddish but aren’t. I like those type of songs. Glad it made it through I suppose.

Romania- Change by Hotel FM. Ranked 17th. Starts as an oldish sounding song. Like it already. <3 But let's see. Oh no, another song about changing the world. The worst part is that it's not that good. This song would be better if it was just the piano guy singing. That dude singing just really...his voice doesn't sit well with me. It's okay, but maybe it needs... more of a...I dunno. If there was more of a basis to why he wants to change the world in the song then I think it would be way more heartwarming, but without one, it's just kind of like, "He's just doing it because 'world' applies to everyone voting." I dunno. New genre! Generic change the world songs! XDD They should have made this more uppity. And they could have. Those instruments; I adore them but if they were louder and had more notes to play, this could have been PERFECT! It seems so dull with the instruments that aren’t so loud. Either be calm sounding or really out there or else it’s just…this… I care not that it made it through, but I’m not mad. I’m neutral about this song.

Estonia- Rockefeller Street by Getter Jaani. Ranked 24th. I love that dress. I like the cute sounding... ugh what is that... keyboard...dang it, I need to listen to it again. I REALLY LIKE HOW THEY CHANGE THE PACE! See what I'm saying?! A change of pace/tempo really kjhkdjfsjkfdgbvjb it makes a song more interesting! I think maybe if I heard this song not live then it might be a little better. BUT I HAVEN'T so this is what I'm listening to. It's alright. The change in pace really did it for me. <3 Glad this made it through.

Belarus- I Love Belarus by Anastasiya Vinnikova. Did not rank in final. I like the Asian sounding keyboard effect. Wait a second... IS THIS SONG SERIOUSLY SAYING I LOVE BELARUS?!!? Conceited little bastards! I don't even freaking know! Is this a joke?! Who do I ship with Belarus because I can use this for a WhoeverxBelarus AMV. :U ...Who DO I ship with Belarus...? o_o;; SO conceited. XD This song, I just don't know. Why would you come to a competition with a song about your country when you’re trying to reach out to EVERYONE in Europe?!

- Angel In Disguise by Musiqq. Did not rank in final. Let's do this Latvia... Um... more Eurotrash in disguise as an American song that no one likes. I'm going to be mobbed by Latvians. Latvian rap. Lol This song is just so regular. I can barely understand what they’re saying. This song is super plain. The rap is actually kind of cute. I’m not going to lie. I like the rapper’s glasses too. UNFITTING END TO THE SONG.

Denmark- New Tomorrow by A Friend In London. Ranked 5th. Look, they changed the pace of the song. Good job. <3 Ahhhh "and your weapon is your voice". Good phrase. Another change the world song. OTL BUT they make a sort of reference to what they want changed so it's better than Romania already. :U It's a nice song. I like the beginning a lot. I think change the world songs need to be calm like Finland’s or this OR like Sweden’s last year, (Sweet People), which was like hard core sort of, yet still calm. Romania’s was kind of just like…too happy. These type of change the world songs sound hopeful, Alyosha’s sounded deep and made you want to cry and do something. Romania’s seems falsely happy so it makes you think that the world is okay so what’s the point of changing the world? You know? Glad it made it through.

Ireland- Lipstick by Jedward. Ranked 8th. I had heard this before on accident really. I didn't take it very seriously. It's not the best song. It's um...okay. I'm still not taking it very seriously. Eh heh. ^^; I find no good message-- or any really. It's just...a flirty song kinda. At least Serbia's was kind of more of like...the guy on the inside. This song is about the girl on the outside. :/ These boys can flip so that's cool. :U Wait...did they say "Never Say Never?" >>;; O-Oh my gosh, they're so obnoxious with that host. XDDD I would have been like, "STFU I'M TRYING TO BE HEARTFELT! D:<" XD Okay, no I wouldn't have. I can't say that. It’s a cute song, but another song should have made it through. Catchy.


France- Songu by Amaury Vassili. Ranked 15th. Ah this was a beautiful opera song. <3 So freaking beautiful!

Italy- Madness of Love by Raphael Gualazzi. Ranked 2nd. Ohhh my gosh this was amazing! What a beauty! It’s jazzy and old-sounding. I love old-sounding songs. <3

Germany- Taken by a Stranger by Lena. Ranked 10th. This song was…okay. Eh. Actually, once I hear this a lot, this song is kind of awesome. It’s like a spy song. Way better than last year’s entry. WAAAAAY better.

UK- I Can by Blue. Ranked 11th. Okay song. Nice, not amazing.

Spain- Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao - They Can't Take The Fun Away From Me by Lucía Pérez. Ranked 23rd. Cute song. XD Kind of fun.

The heartbeat thing is creepy as hell.

Songs I really liked from Part 2 (*Fave of that day)
Belgium *
FYR Macedonia

Songs I really liked from Part 1 (*Fave of that day)
Serbia *

Songs from the Big Five that I loved

My somewhat out of order rankings
1. Serbia *
2. Belgium *
3. Italy
4. Turkey
5. Bosnia/Herzegovina
6. Armenia
7. Finland
8. Slovenia
9. Estonia
10. Ireland

11. Austria
12. Denmark
13. Albania
14. FYR Macedonia
15. Norway
16. Germany
17. Georgia
18. Iceland
19. Sweden
20. Switzerland
21. France (I added France recently but it should be somewhere near Germany.)

(My) Eurovision

May. 30th, 2010 | 05:19 am
mood: awake awake
music: We Could Be The Same

For Eurovision this year-- well first of all, most of the songs were crap, but let's look past that!
The first song I listened to was Turkey's and Lithuania's.
They both pretty much sucked, but I decided to cheer for Turkey anyway. Now after comparing Turkey's song to all the others...yeah it was a good song. XD I can't believe Germany won. To put it bluntly, the song was shit. Excuse my language. I think Lena is the German Miley Cyrus or something.

ANY WAY! Here's my super awesome line-up:

First Place; Belgium, "Me and My Guitar" by Tom Dice. This song is so beautiful. <3 Seriously, it's like...cute and somewhat makes me want to cry and... I dunno it's just so wonderful. The image of Tom Dice standing up on stage with just him and his guitar...for some reason felt really crushing...and then after a few chords, the song creates a hopeful feeling. In the real competition, it won sixth place.

Tell me that I've got it wrong
Tell me everything will be okay
Before I fall
Tell me they'll play my songs
Tell me they'll sing the words I say
When darkness falls
All of the stars will see
Just me and my guitar

It's just a really nice song, different than all the other songs in the competition.

Second Place; Turkey, "We Could Be the Same" by MaNga. Ah, like I said before, compared to the other songs, this songs was spectacular. On a second listen it's actually a nice song. It still combines the traditional Turkish beats at some points, somewhat. It hints at it. The lyrics at some point make me cringe...actually just one line. But it is a nice song. I was thinking of making some sort of TurkeyxGreece thing with the song. It seems to fit them well somewhat...if they were trying to bond without the drama from their people.

See, politically, Turkey and Greece are just fine, but the people of both countries hate each other for the most part. Much like France and UK; the countries mostly agree on most things-- despite what Hetalia says. However, the people of both countries are in a bit of a rivalry. I haven't seen extremely horrible things between the French and the British, but I have seen horrible things with the Turks and the Greeks. Shows the difference huh? Any way, if that's the case I guess I can make it FrUK-brick'd-

And I feel I’m turning the page
And I feel the world is a stage
I don’t think the drama will stop
I don’t think they’ll give up the rage
But I know the world could be great
I can love you more than they hate
Doesn’t matter who they will blame
We can beat them at their own game

See what I mean? That actually very well may be what the song is about... some sort of Turkey and Greece thing... Oh! Plus...EmoTurk. XDD I DIDN'T KNOW THEY EXISTED BUT THEY DO. By the way, in the competition Turkey came in second place as well.

Third Place; Azerbajin A.K.A. "Turkey's retarded brother" >>;, "Drip Drop" by Safura. I like the song, but I don't. "You smell like lipsttttiiiiiiicccck". Fail. But it's...a catchy song I guess... I dunno, I love it but I don't. I think It's the somewhat catchy chorus. "That drip drop drip drop". Nn... What the song is about is something I couldn't give two balls about, yet...it makes me want to sing it... hm... Any way, it got fifth in the competition.

Can I love you forever through this?
Can I trust in you forever through this?
I don't know how to stop, how to stop
These teardrops Ah ah
That drip drop drip drop
Drip drop drip drop
Oh.. Oh...

That's the  chorus. The rest of the lyrics are mediocre. The song is like one of those annoying KISS FM love songs that play all the time on repeat. It seems like it's aiming towards teenagers that happen to be too young for such silly things. Gosh. Yet I like it. I'm a fool.

Fourth Place; Slovakia, "Horehronie" by Kristina. The chick kinda freaks me out but eh. This song is in its native language, and it sounds very pretty. The singer has a somewhat childish voice that goes well with this song. It gives it a creepy vibe that I like. <3 This song didn't even rank in the finals sadly. It was way better than some of the stupid piece of crap songs entered in the competition.

Najkrajšie stromy sú na Horehroní        (The most beautiful trees are in Horehronie)
to tiché bratstvo vraví mi poď.               (This tells me the silent brotherhood come.)
Sem sa vždy vrátim,                               (This will always come back,)
keď ma niečo zroní.                              (it saddens me somewhat.)
Vravia to stromy .....                              (They say the trees .....)
Na tráve ležím a snívam,                      (I lay on the grass and dream,)
o čom sama neviem.                            (I do not know what does.)
V tom vánku,čo ma kolíše,                   (In the breeze, which has increased,)
keď je slnko najnižšie.                        (when the sun is low.)

I wish I had a better translation too, but it wouldn't sound cool in English. It's a song on nature. Pretty right? <3

Fifth Place; Israel, "Milim" by Harel Skaat. The song is very wonderful. Very strong emotions are sent through the song, which is accompanied by instrumentals which are just as strong. Everything goes along very well, but people these days want disorder, which is why Israel may have gotten 14th in the competition. Then again, it wasn't the best song ever. I think a lot of the voters watch Eurovision for a nice little spirit rush and joy, and when they hear deep songs, even if they're amazing, they tend to kind of block it out. Also because Eurovision has always been a bit political, and for the record, not many like Israel. They've got too much crap for them. I'm sure they used every excuse and then some for Israel not to be in Eurovision-- Turkey and other "Middle Eastern" countries as well, but they all got through with their, " Heeeey guys! What's up? I wanna play toooooo!" Heh. Any way, the song was very nice. <3  Oh! This song is also in its respective language. 

Hish'art li rak milim, miklat bein hatzlalim You left me only words, shelter between the shadows
Sfarim mesudarim, uvein hakhadarim Tidy books, and between the rooms
Hish'art li rak milim, zer shel man'ulim You left me only words, wreath of locks
Elohim, hish'art li rak milim Oh God, you left me only words

Such a pretty song, in my opinion at least. 14th?! OH COME ON! THIS WAS WAAAAY BETTER THAN GERMANY AND THEIR CRAP!

Sixth Place; Portugal, "Há Dias Assim" by Filipa Azevedo. Another pretty song in the singer's native language. Pretty "eh" parts every now and then, but this was still amazing. <3 I loved Portugal's entry from last year as well so I was really expecting something sweet, and I got it. :'D Once again, an underatted performance-- ALL THE PERFORMANCES ARE UNDERATTED UNDER GERMANY! I MEAN GOSH! *ahem* So any way, the song is really precious and all that jazz. Oh right, it ranked 18. That's such bull. Well...she should hold her notes a bit longer. I was noticing how some potentially beautiful long notes were cut off and replaced with an empty echo. That echo breaks my heart so badly...maybe that was it.

Há uma canção There is a song
Que não te cantei Which I have not sung to you
Versos por rimar Verses that are still to rhyme
Poemas que nunca inventei Poems that I have never invented
Quem nos pôs assim? Who set us this way?
A vida rasgada The life torn
Quem te me levou? Who took you from me?
Roubou-me a alma Stole my soul
Mas de ti não sabe nada But does not know a thing about you

See? Beautiful!~

Seventh Place; Spain, "Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny)" by Daniel Diges. Yes, you caught me. XD I'm upping this because of the stage invader. XD That was hilarious, I'm sorry. <33 I think everyone was very professional about dealing with the invader too. ABOUT THE SONG! I liked the creepiness. It was cute and creepy~ Everything was pretty much wonderful. I'd have to say, after Spain's fail entries from the past years, this makes it all better, mostly because of the stage invader. XD BUT IT REALLY WAS A NICE SONG! Spain got 15th place in the competition.

Something tiny, whoa... something very small, whoa...

You've got the chance in your hands

Today you decide whether to love me or break my heart

I bet they're actually talking about genitals or something. Something tiny. :U -brick'd like a million times- I CAN'T MAKE THIS SONG MORE HORRID THAN IT IS BECAUSE OF STAGE INVADER!

Eighth Place; UK, "Some Piece of crap song" "That Sounds Good to Me" by Josh Dubovie. The alternate title to this is, "That Sounds Like Shit To Me". I personally like it but um... "Actually, this is really nice. Yes, it's a bit cheesy. Yes, the background singers sound off at times, hitting depressing sounding chords even. And yes, Josh kind of fails at high notes. But this was actually kind of good. I liked it at least."~ Me on the Youtubes. That sums it up. But yeah, the background singers, I quote, "fucked everything up". There's so much "shit" on this song that I can't help but laugh. And you know what? Even this song is way better than Geramny's song.
It ranked 25th place-- THAT'S LAST PLACE IN THE FINALS BY THE WAY. So yeah, UK should have been atleast above Germany.

Baby, if you bring the sunshine, I’ll bring the good times
Just add your laughter, it’s happy-ever-after
I don’t know about you but that sounds good to me

Sounds cute right? Nice and cheery? Well Europe doen't want nice and cheery apparently. Bastards. XD

Ninth Place; WTF WHY DID I PUT BELARUS HERE?! CAN YOU SAY MISTAKE?! -replaces with Georgia- This song was beautiful-- oh wait! Georgia, "Shine" by Sofia Nizharadze. Very wonderful song that won ninth place in the competition-- OH PFFT. ANY WAY This should be higher up on my list but I had forgotten about it.

You’re on your own but you’re never alone
Shine, shine like the stars in the sky
Wipe your dust off your love, let it shine

*cough* It kind of sounds like Latvia's song that didn't make it to the finals last year. =A= But it's pretty. -nods-

I need to sleep.

10th goes to Belarus. Have fun with your butterflies.

OH! Germany's song!
Like... last place or somewhere close; Germany, "Satellite" by Lena, some piece of crap singer who--UGH!
Her voice sounds like nails hitting glass and making it shatter plus some sort of frog cat hybrid...plus parrot. Dear God. I don't know. I seriously thought they were kidding when Germany was declared as the winner. Her dancing is atrocious but I'll put that aside because she's somewhat cuteish so it looks like she's having a seizure while singing. Any way, the song is pretty much about a stalker...or that's what I assume. The song is like...something you would hear on Radio Disney. Apparently, this song DOES happen to be popular with little kids or something. A lot of people believe that a lot of kids or their parents voted for it. Kids and their hacking. =A= The song is seriously crap. It may have been better if there was no weird ugly accent that makes you twitch.

Kay whatever.

Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Final

Place Country Performer Song Points
1 Germany Lena Satellite 246
2 Turkey maNga We Could Be The Same 170
3 Romania Paula Seling & Ovi Playing With Fire 162
4 Denmark Chanée & N'evergreen In A Moment Like This 149
5 Azerbaijan Safura Drip Drop 145
6 Belgium Tom Dice Me And My Guitar 143
7 Armenia Eva Rivas Apricot Stone 141
8 Greece Giorgos Alkaios & Friends OPA 140
9 Georgia Sofia Nizharadze Shine 136
10 Ukraine Alyosha Sweet People 108
11 Russia Peter Nalitch & Friends Lost And Forgotten 90
12 France Jessy Matador Allez Olla Olé 82
13 Serbia Milan Stanković Ovo Je Balkan 72
14 Israel Harel Skaat Milim 71
15 Spain Daniel Diges Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny) 68
16 Albania Juliana Pasha It's All About You 62
17 Bosnia & Herzegovina Vukašin Brajić Thunder And Lightning 51
18 Portugal Filipa Azevedo Há Dias Assim 43
19 Iceland Hera Björk Je Ne Sais Quoi 41
20 Norway Didrik Solli-Tangen My Heart Is Yours 35
21 Cyprus Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders Life Looks Better In Spring 27
22 Moldova Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira Run Away 27
23 Ireland Niamh Kavanagh It's For You 25
24 Belarus 3+2 Butterflies 18
25 United Kingdom Josh That Sounds Good To Me 10

I just wasted my night. Copy right everywhere~ Excuse typos. It's 5:15 AM.
Also, my icon is a guy I found in a Eurovision video. XDDD He's such a happy German.


Feb. 27th, 2010 | 08:40 pm
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I decided to stop being lazy and finally type out a certain fic!
So I get to totally post it here!~ <3
Yes sah! My Sword, My Love, My Ginryuu is FINISHED!~ <33
It's my first crack fic on the web-- no I'm lying.
ANY WAY! Here's the link:


It's a work of genius.

Ch. 1: Object of my Desire
Fake story: Sakura turns into Mokona, Mokona turns into some Mary Sue and eats Syaoran. Since Kurogane is not aware that Mokona is actually Sakura, he does what he always does when no one is looking at the two of them together alone; attempt to woo Mokona. *cliche cliche*
Random person: PFFT WHAT?! HOW THE HELL IS THAT CLICHE?! *because the asterisks say so*
Sakura freaks out and toddles away, but Kurogane is stubborn.

Real story: Kurogane blocks Fye's sexual advances with Ginryuu. Fye gets pissed and ditches the smiling act. True love blossoms.

Ch.2: A Plan
Fake story: Kurogane decides that if he can't have "Mokona" then NO ONE can have "Mokona". -OHCRAP-

Real story: Fye creates a plan that he never does throughout the whole fic. Fye attempts to rape Kurogane pretty much, but Mokona comes in and saves the day. :U

Ch. 3: A Human is Fine Too
Fake story: Sakura goes through what all female Mokona's go through; bleeding out the...weird jewel thing. Kurogane slaps Fye and asks him take make him a "f**king sandwich with some f**king toast". Fye kills himself and instantly revives (the author actually forgot that he was dead) when suddenly he's in the doorway admiring pictures of huma-mokonas, and lewdly says, "A Human is Fine Too."

Real story: Fye goes to Yuuko and asks her to turn Ginryuu into a human because that's TOTALLY what you do to make someone love you. Don't you know?! Yuuko is a meanie and turns Fye's staff, which he names Marie just because it was the first name he could think of, into a human as well. Both weapons make you want to punch someone.

Ch. 4: A Picnic
Fake story: Kurogane makes Mokona spit up Syoran so he can slap him too. It's now known that Syaoran became a pimp in another world. He makes his girls make food for a picnic. Everyone goes on a picnic and gets hit by a giant meteor which makes Sakura turn back to herself, but it doesn't matter because she's kind of dead now.

Real story: Since Ginryuu and Marie don't get along, Fye sends the two off on a picnic so they can fall in love or something, because eating food with people makes you love them. This is Fye's logic because he's French. :U ( Apparently. It sounds better any way. <3 )
The picnic makes Marie love Fye so much that she'll do anything to make him happy...after Ginryuu talks about his love for Kurogane and blah. All the while, Kurogane and Fye are watching on a hill that the weapons can't see. Fye attempts to rekindle their love, but Kurogane is madly in love with Ginryuu. Fye, though upset with this, tries to accept this to the best of his ability, but...

Ch. 5: Hard to Forget
Fake Story: The author decides that no one died and apoligizes because of the flames received on the chapter. Fans of the story stopped reading because of it, but came back to the mention of receiving virtual cookies if they stayed with the plot, wherever that was. Suddenly everyone is walking around, with no care in the world then suddenly another giant meteor comes and everyone dies again. The author laughs and says, "HAH HAH! FOOLED YOU! GIANT METEORS FTW" The readers lose trust in the author and never read the story again. The author apologizes once more saying it's a bad habit. The readers come back at the mention of requests for the first five reviewers. Sakura says, "It's hard to forget that I died once, it's hard to forget what I am now, and it's hard to forget what I'm supposed to be doing." The readers are instantly sucked in again.

Real story: Fye attempts to forget about everything and smile about it, but after a while, he cracks and laments losing Kurogane to Ginryuu. Marie gets all depressed. Ginryuu becomes all emo and shiz. Kurogane's like, "Wtf? I didn't do anything ra ra ra," and he goes to see what's up with Fye. Ginryuu knows what to do apparently.

Ch. 6: My Japanese
Fake story: Suddenly Kurogane is Japanese and starts talking about anime and calls Sakura (who is still Mokona) "kawaii". He takes her all around town, showing her all this weeb stuff, then goes home. In the end, he realizes he was Japanese all along...and joins the army. Before going off, he tells Sakura that he'll write to her, and that he'll die for her and not for his country. He then goes off to be hit by a giant meteor and the readers lose trust again and leave the fic for good, but mostly because they didn't like Kurogane speaking Japanese in Japan.

Real story: Fye tells Kurogane that he's being an idiot...in song...plus many tears...though I suppose Fye isn't actually singing.

Ch. 7: Always
Fake story: Kurogane comes back to Sakura...alive and tells her that Japan is stupid and will never speak Japanese in Japan ever again. Fye agrees. Sakura cries because Yuuko tells her that she'll always be a Mokona. Kurogane takes this as some sexual go ahead. But Syaoran adopts Sakura as one of his guuuurls and tells Kurogane to step off. Mokona gets hit by a very small meteor and lives. The author then comments that it's just not the same. Sakura doesn't want to be a guuuurl and decides to marry Kurogane. Kurogane creepily agrees and tells her that they'll "always be together, even if I have your corpse all to myself, you'll be mine always!" Syaoran wet the bed because he was scared, so Mokona ate him again. Logic people! Come on! It's sensible!

Real story: To put it bluntly; Ginryuu breaks up with Kurogane to make sure he's happy. Logic. :U He makes him go back to Fye.

Ch. 8: Back to Normal
Fake Story: Sakura turns back into herself, Mokona can't handle the change and poofs.
Random person: ...poofs...?
Did I stutter? Poofs. So any way, Kurogane no longer loves Sakura since she's not a Mokona and remembers that he's already married to Fye, who wasn't in the last couple of chapters at all so Kurogane figures that he ran off with Tomoyo and proceeds to call him a "filthy French whore that he only married for the sake of having someone," then he begins to cry. Sakura agrees. ( wha? ) She decides that she really will marry Kurogane. He looks up, tears in his eyes, Sakura smiling down at him, waiting for him to speak. He does, but it's not what she expected, "I want to marry Ginryuu and Souhi...at the same time. Then have babehs. Lots of f**king babehs. >:U Get outta mah face or make me some cheese sticks." Sakura agrees.

Real story: The weapons are weapons again. Kurogane and Fye are...together again. Mokona is dead I guess. And so is Sakura I suppose. o__o;; And Syaoran is...I don't even know. He's not important to this story so baw. :U

So now you have something to look forward to! Go read it! ...Lol, does anyone else but me think the fake story is better than the real story? XD -brick'd like a million times-

EDIT: Oh! And I meant to say! From now on this journal is going to be less personal. =3= Because now I'm on a role for something. <3


Nov. 6th, 2009 | 09:17 pm
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You're so lucky I have a life, because guess what I made that's KuroganexGinryuu related?! <33
Awesome under the cutCollapse )

P.S. Ohhhh goodness! I think I want to make my own mood theme thingy! XD

I've got it.

Oct. 24th, 2009 | 10:32 pm
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This will be a KuroganexGinryuu thingy! Awesome!
It's my birthday by the way.


Jul. 11th, 2009 | 11:24 pm
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See that LiveJournal?! I won against you! I (think) I figured you out! You and your damn cuts and blah and yeah I'll post stuff for you kids...like art for the communities I'm in.
I'm thirsty.
Also, I hate my name. =A=
I would like to change my name to something that's not based on a fandom please.
I've been using Geekies every now and then...

EDIT: NEVER MIND! I MESSED THAT UP TOO. *sobs* You win this time Live Journal. OTL
All the other times you'll probably win too.
I'm still thirsty.
I person like me deserves a fail name like Tenjilover. OTL


Dec. 22nd, 2007 | 04:23 pm
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Ok so this is tenjilover, saying hello and all that what-not. I'm sorry if you don't understand me. >.<  I have my own little language kinda. 

Hi= Hallo, Yon, Oi, Weh!! 
Well= Welp, Oin.
Bye= D:< Get back here!!! (JK) , Bye D:
No= Nuuu, Noi, Non.
Ok= Okies, P' okies.
Thank you= Thankies!~ Thankiew, Tanka, Tankya, Twankies, Twankile Thankies, Tankies, Tatsies!!
That's ok= That's okies.
Cute= Kyaaaa!~
Happiness/Happy= Happies, Happy wappy.
~= Means "is similar to" but I never finish this. It's just there to add to the happies. E.g. Thankies!~ Which would be Thank you! Is similar to ---
Tenji= NejixTenten
C-han= Chanelle (That be my name.)

There be others but C-chan is being too stupid right now. =3